5 Signs That Your Car Insurance Is Too Expensive

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Although most people would agree that they don't like spending so much money on their auto insurance policies, the truth is that some people pay a lot more for car insurance than they should. Since you're probably always looking for ways to cut costs and save money, it's important to make sure that you are paying the minimum possible cost for your auto insurance policy. Luckily, looking for these five signs is a great and easy way to determine if you are spending too much on your policy.

28 October 2014

Three Alternatives To Filing A Small Claims Case

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Small claims court can be a great way to settle a minor dispute over money, a minor personal injury or an accident. In many cases, a small claims case can be a good way to collect damages when another person is negligent and causes damage to your vehicle or your property. But going to small claims court, while less expensive than filing a formal civil lawsuit, still requires a great deal of time and energy to be successful.

20 October 2014

SR-22 Survival Guide

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So you've made some mistakes behind the wheel. Who hasn't? Maybe you've run a few stop signs, let your speeding tickets pile up, been caught driving without insurance. Now that your driving sins have finally caught up with you, the judge has ordered you to carry an SR-22. What does that mean? How do you deal? SR-22 Basics You may have heard SR-22 referred to as insurance. Well, that's not exactly accurate.

18 September 2014