Three Surprising Things Covered By Comprehensive Auto Insurance

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Comprehensive auto insurance is a valuable option that can help you in the event of automotive accidents. However, some people opt out of this coverage unless it is mandatory due to financing or state requirements. Many people make the mistake of believing that comprehensive is only good if they happen to be in a hail storm or the windshield cracks.

However, give comprehensive auto insurance a second look. This type of insurance offers other unique benefits you may not have known about:

Protect Your Furry Family Members

If your dog likes to travel with you on the road, your pet is going to be involved in any auto accident you are. Therefore, there is a good chance that you will have vet bills after an accident. Bills for your animal to receive emergency care can be as expensive as your own medical expenses.

Comprehensive coverage can kick in and help pay for some of the expenses that may be involved, depending on your insurance policy and company.

Hitting an Animal May be Covered

When you imagine being in an auto accident, you probably think of colliding with another car or stationery object, such as a tree or embankment. Many accidents are caused by animals in the roadway, too.

When you are driving along the road at an elevated speed, even a small animal can cause a lot of damage to your car. A large animal, such as a deer or large dog, can be enough to completely total your vehicle.

With comprehensive coverage, the damages you sustain after hitting an animal will be covered.

Protect the Contents of Your Car

It is not uncommon for the average driver to have a couple thousand dollars worth of personal property inside of a vehicle. After all, most are rarely caught out without their phone, tablet, or laptop. When you have comprehensive auto insurance, the items in your car will be protected against theft or damage during an accident.

If you commonly carry expensive items with you in your vehicle, it is a good idea to talk to your insurance company about the coverage options that will be best for you.

When you see all of the perks of having comprehensive as part of your car insurance policy, it's easy to see that opting for this coverage option is a logical choice.

In a vehicle, there are many more things that can go wrong besides collision with another vehicle. Comprehensive will help you make sure that the extended scenarios will be covered. If you have other questions, try contacting a company such as A Auto Buyers Insurance Agency with your questions and concerns.


3 November 2014