Getting In The Know About Lesser-Known Auto Insurance Discounts

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Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to help lower the cost of premiums, but often it's up to you to ask. Although the types of discounts insurers offer vary, not all of which are available in every state, there are ways to save on your auto insurance that you might not know.

Use the "Like" Button On Facebook

If you use Facebook, "liking" your insurance company on its Facebook page may get you a discount. Like other businesses, insurance agencies want to get "likes" when they post information to Facebook.

Liking an insurer's page or post is a way to let the company know you appreciate the information it provides. It also clues the company into what type of audience it's attracting. "Likes" tell the company what kinds of content both existing and potential customers appreciate.

Some companies apply the discount directly to your premium when you request a quote online. Even if you are a current customer who doesn't need a quote, but who has "liked" your insurance company on Facebook, you still may be able to get the discount -- as long as the company offers a "like" discount.

Get Engaged

If you are engaged to be married within the next year, your insurance company may offer you a discount similar to the discount it offers married couples. Some insurers don't even require that both of you carry auto insurance with that same company before you are married. However, other insurers may state that you must insure all your vehicles with the company in order to qualify for the discount.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, young singles generally pay higher auto insurance rates. But when you get married, as a couple, you often become eligible for a discount. If you live with someone, but aren't planning to get married any time soon, many insurance companies are offering the same discount savings to domestic partners as they offer married couples.

Stop Smoking

Your insurance company may be one of a growing number of insurers that give discounts to customers who stop smoking. Companies consider you to be at higher risk for auto accidents if you smoke while you drive since smoking involves taking your hands off the wheel and diverting your attention off the road.

Join Your Insurer In Going Green

You may qualify for a discount on your auto insurance if you choose to pay your premium bills electronically. Insurers often offer discounts to customers who agree to go paperless and view their policies and billing statements online.

If you choose not to receive your bills by regular mail, your company may email your bills and automatic bill reminders. You can also have your premium payments automatically withdrawn from your checking account when they come due. You and your insurer save paper, and your payments are always made on time.

By going green, both you and the insurance company help the environment by reducing energy consumption and waste. Going green also reduces the insurer's costs, savings which may be passed on to you.

Contact an insurance company, like Cache Valley Insurance Inc, for more savings ideas.


21 October 2015