Three Concerns You Might Have When It Comes To Sr22 Insurance

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There are numerous different types of auto insurance that drivers can opt to carry. However, it is a frequent requirement for some drivers to carry sr22 insurance. This type of insurance is often mandated by the courts when a person has shown a history of not carrying insurance or they pose a higher risk of causing an accident. When you have been ordered to purchase this type of insurance, you will likely want several simple questions addressed so that you can be better prepared.

How Does Sr22 Insurance Work?

When you purchase an sr22 insurance policy, you will be required to pay the full price of the insurance at the time of buying the policy. Once you have made this payment, the insurance company will notify the court that you have obtained this type of insurance coverage. Due to the fact that some court systems have a backlog of cases, it may take several days for the court to process and acknowledge receipt of this document. While this type of insurance might be more inconvenient for you than a traditional policy, it is an easy way for the courts to ensure that a driver has purchased the appropriate insurance policy prior to reissuing their license.

What Happens If You Drive Without Having This Type Of Insurance?

If the court does not receive the sr22 documents from the insurance company, your license will not be formally reinstated. As a result, driving could lead to arrest and expensive fines, as well as your license being revoked.

Additionally, it can be possible for your insurance policy to be revoked. This can occur if you experience numerous accidents or receive an excessive number of speeding tickets. If your sr22 policy is revoked, the court will be notified and your license suspended until the matter is addressed. Due to the problems that this could cause with your case, you should make sure that you take special care to follow the guidelines of your insurance policy.

Will Having Owned Sr22 Insurance Make Your Future Insurance Plans More Expensive?

There is a common notion among some people that their future insurance policies will be higher as a result of owning an sr22 policy. However, this is not accurate as it is possible for you to purchase this type of insurance without it being mandated by the courts. In these situations, having owned this type of policy will not impact your future auto insurance premiums. Rather, the original violation that caused the courts to require this type of insurance coverage is what will contribute to higher future premiums.


27 February 2017