Getting Medicare? Two Reasons To Choose An Advantage Plan

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If you are on the verge of turning 65 years old or have recently been diagnosed with certain disabilities, you have likely become eligible for Medicare. Medicare is a federally sponsored insurance program that can be a huge help if you are no longer receiving medical benefits through an employer. Along with Original Medicare, which includes Parts A & B, you now have the option to bulk up your insurance with an Advantage plan. Keep reading so you can begin to see why it's a good idea for you to opt into a Medicare Advantage plan the moment you are able to.

Limit Your Out-Of-Pocket Costs With An Advantage Plan

When everything is going well and you don't have a lot of health issues, you may think it's unnecessary to enroll in an Advantage plan. Original Medicare includes some routine and hospitalization expenses, but there are a few gaps in coverage that you need to be aware of. If you don't consider this ahead of time, you could find yourself in a financial jam should your medical status take a turn for the worse.

The great thing about having an Advantage plan is that there will be a cap on how much you are expected to pay out of your own pocket on an annual basis. For example, if you choose an Advantage plan with a $5,000 dollar out-of-pocket limit, you won't have to worry about paying more than this amount, regardless of how much your healthcare costs are for the year. It's a wonderful form of protection designed to increase your peace of mind and protect your bank account.

Advantage Plans Boost Your Benefits

Original Medicare is certainly a fantastic program, but it is not comprehensive. Dental, vision, and hearing benefits are usually not covered with basic Medicare, so if you need to get a new pair of glasses, you require hearing aids, or you want to receive professional care for your teeth, you'll generally be responsible for the costs.

Not only does an Advantage plan usually provide these auxiliary benefits, but some include even more perks that can make your life easier. Gym memberships, transportation assistance, and meal coverage are just a small sampling of the extra benefits you'll get when you sign up for an Advantage plan.

You can speak with a licensed insurance agent to get more information about your Advantage options. Decide which one is right for you and get enrolled as soon as you can.

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13 December 2021