Get An Insurance Auto Quote After A Non-Renewal Notice

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A non-renewal auto insurance notice can come as a shock to a driver who does not understand what one is. Insurance companies can decide not to renew a policy, and they must give notice if they make this decision. Albeit shocking for some drivers, there is usually a reason for the decision, which should be on the renewal notice. There are a variety of things that can lead to a non-renewal, which is not the same as a cancellation notice.

Drivers who receive these notices should take heed and immediately start trying to find a new insurance provider so that they do not experience an insurance lapse. This can be done by simply requesting auto insurance quotes. The following points provide more information about non-renewal notices.

Non-renewal Overview

A simple way to understand a non-renewal is that it is a decision made by an insurance company to no longer insure an individual. They must legally provide ample time for the individual to get new coverage. The insurance plan can continue until the last day of the policy without an option to renew. Notices have the reason why the provider made the decision and the expiration date for the policy. Individuals can contact their providers if they disagree with the reason given. 

Situations that Lead to Non-renewals

There are a variety of things that can lead to a non-renewal and not all of them are bad driving. If an individual relocates to another state, they might not be able to renew if their insurance provider does not offer coverage in the move-in state. Policyholders who have multiple late or returned payments may also not get renewed. Sometimes insurance companies change their service offerings and cannot extend the type of coverage the driver needs. Drivers can get insurance from another insurance company by requesting an auto insurance quote despite not being able to renew with their current provider.

What to Do

An auto insurance agency—such as The Lofrumento Agency, Inc.—is a good resource to use to learn more about non-renewal notices. Individuals can speak with agents from their current insurance company to get a better understanding of what went wrong if they are confused. They can also speak with agents at prospective new providers to reduce the chances of it ever happening to them again.

It's a good idea to know what contributing factors can lead to decisions not to renew. This varies between providers. For example, some insurance companies may not renew if a driver gets more than one DUI in a certain period of time. Others might renew after multiple offenses as long as there were not any extenuating circumstances such as a collision or property damage involved.


25 April 2022