What You Should Know About Getting Car Insurance For Electric Cars

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Electric vehicles continue to gain popularity, thanks to several benefits they offer. The biggest among these is the low environmental impact, as these automobiles produce no tailpipe emissions. However, as with conventional cars, you must have adequate care insurance for your electric automobile.

Is car insurance for an electric vehicle different from insuring a non-electric vehicle? If so, in what ways is it different? This blog will highlight what you should know about insuring your electric vehicle.

1. Expect Higher Insurance Costs

Car insurance for electric vehicles generally costs more than insurance costs for their conventional gas-powered counterparts. This is no surprise, given that electric cars cost more to purchase, and the insurer would spend more to replace these vehicles. Additionally, repair costs are higher for electric vehicles, given the higher costs of replacement parts and the specialized training required to carry out the repairs.

2. No Special Insurance Required 

Getting car insurance for an electric vehicle is no different from getting the same for a non-electric one. You can get various types of car insurance coverage: liability, collision, bodily injury, and comprehensive. In fact, there is no special car insurance requirement for electric vehicles that you would not require with a non-electric.

Insurers will consider the same factors when insuring electric and non-electrics. Some factors determining your insurance costs include your car's model and manufacturing year, driving history, and garaging address, among others.

Additionally, you will not have to work from a special list when looking for a car insurance provider for your electric vehicle. Most car insurance companies offer insurance coverage for electric vehicles.

3. A Special Discount May Apply

Some car insurance companies will offer a special discount for electric vehicles. Some call it the green car discount, others the alternative fuel discount, and any other variation. Ask about this and any other discounts the insurance carrier offers for electric vehicle owners when shopping around. Remember that even for those with this discount, its availability may vary across different states.

Get Insured Today

Car insurance is a law requirement, which applies to electric vehicles as much as non-electrics. In other words, ensure you insure your electric vehicle for legal reasons. Also, you want to ensure you have financial protection in case of any accidents and other incidents such as fire and theft. As outlined, covering your electric automobile is no different from what you'd expect with a gas-powered car. The only difference lies in the cost, as car insurance for an electric vehicle will reasonably cost you more.

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6 October 2022